Need math help with axiomatic systems and theorems

Given the following axioms: Axiom 1: Each game is played by two distinct teams Axiom 2: There are at least four teams Axiom 3: There are at least six games played Axiom 4: Each team played at most 4 games. I need help developing a third theorem and verifying the second is true. Theorem 1: If there are exactly 4 teams, then there are at most 8 games. Theorem 2: If there are exactly 6 games, then there are at most 12 teams. Theorem 3:

Quick Response “Liberal Arts Math”

Explain how counting numbers, integers, and rational numbers are used in everyday life. Then, describe a situation in which you used counting numbers, integers, or rational numbers to perform a task or solve a problem.

MGMT 591 Week 1 DQ 1 Rules for High Performance Organizations

This pack of MGMT 591 Week 1 DQ 1 Rules for High Performance Organizations comprises:This week our text discusses the definition of organizational behavior and in particular its applied focus, and our lecture focuses on high performance organizations (HPOs). Right at the intersection of those would be the

Research Topic Proposal Assignment

Go to the American National Election Study data page and click around the survey data from the historical presidential elections. Think about three potential topics you might be interested in related to public opinion and electoral behavior that you might be interested in using for your final research project. For example, think of potential relationships between two or more things (i.e., age and participation in elections, etc). Write the three potential topics in a post and summarize why you are interested in these topics.Page: 01APA Format