Art History and Appreciation

I posted screenshots of the instructions. Must be A+ material. I will provide you with pictures of the two objects that you will be comparing and contrasting from the museum that I took. Must be completed on time by Sunday July 23, 2017 9:40pm(pacific time zone).


Plays are meant to be performed, rather than read. The purpose of dramatic arts often extends far beyond the words written on a page; staging, lighting, costumes intonation, expression, and audience experience are all part of the experience of a theatrical production. To help develop your understanding of The Tempest and the cultural role of the dramatic arts, you will view a production of the play this week and write a two-page reflection to explain your viewing experience.Below, please find several classic interpretations and modern adaptations of The Tempest:Classic Interpretations:The Tempest: St. Louis Shakespeare Festival (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.The Tempest: Savage Rose Theater Company (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Adaptations:The Tempest: Central Washington Production (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.The Tempest: A Rock and Roll Space Odyssey (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.For this assignment, you will view one of the above and complete a reflection that addresses the following:Identify the performance that you have selected.Describe the staging, lighting, costumes, and characters of the performance. How do these match or revise the written version of the play?What type of mood and tone does the performance create? How?What parts of the play are easier to understand through performance? What are some details that stood out through performance?What does the performance suggest about the role of theater in contemporary culture?

Module 03 Course Project – Architect – Setting Our Target

Now that we have a baseline for our current company directory, it’s time to consider what the new system will look like. Just as we created a model of how the system works now, we need to create a model of the proposed new system.This is known as the target or ‘to-be’ model. Our baseline gives us a starting point and the target gives us our destination. With those two in hand, we can plot the best path to take to get from the former to the latter.The golden rule to consider while designing a solution is “Never take away functionality.” At minimum, the new system should be able to do what the old system did. In addition, your solution should add business value if possible when compared to the existing system. Business value includes improving efficiency, increasing profitability or saving money.With input from the client (via the Live Classroom and the General Course Questions forum), create a “to-be” model of the new Inisope company directory service using Archimate. Include at least two views in addition to the default view:For the end usersFor line of business managersIn addition, include a 1-2 page document explaining your model.Submit your documents in a zip file.

Design of Prestressed Concrete

A rectangular concrete beam (b=250mm and D=500mm) is prestressed with hightensile wires initially to 1200 MPa at a maximum eccentricity of 175mm.Assuming R=0.80, Fc = -15 MPa and Ft = 1.5 MPa, determine the maximumsuperimposed service load the beam can carry if it is supported on a simple spanof 5m.Unit workbook attached.

Cinema 4d modeling

I need to have scene that has to have more than 4 items in the project.For example, if you make wine bottle, we need to have something that relate with wine. (wine glass, wine opener, cork.etc..) i want to have some interesting items.

Structural Analysis

1. Draw the beam-column layout plan. Sketch the load distribution on slabs and calculate the load on the beams for the frame assigned.                                                                                                                      2.Calculate the flexural rigidity of the members and the rotation factors at the joints.                                      3. Considering the frames to be rigid jointed with no sway and with the stiffening effect of the cladding due to walls, not taken into account, perform analysis using Kani’s rotation contribution method and determine the final moments at the supports and the mid-span. Show the detailed calculations for the moments due to rotation contribution for two cycles and the final moments.4. Draw the deflected shape of the frame. Compute the member end forces.                                                                                                                                                                                                                5. Sketch the moment diagrams for beams and columns and indicate the value of moments clearly.

arth101—essay2—3 pages

All early civilizations regardless of the continent attempted to explain how the Earth and mankind were formed. Within this essay, select twonon-Western (not from European origin) civilizations from your studies and discover their creation story. In your writing, provide a summary of each civilizations creation story, and locate specific artwork examples (including identifying data, such as titles or source references) to include throughout your essay. Finally, conclude your writing with how these creation stories compare to your own ideas of how this Earth and its inhabitants were created.

arth102—–Reaction Papers

750 words.  Chicago style format. Reaction Papers about any subject, time period or artwork from the text. These are to be submitted at the beginning of class on the due date(s).THE PAPER IS A REACTION PAPER THAT RELATES INCIDENTS IN YOUR LIFE TO THE CONTENT OF THE CHAPTER AND/OR EXPLORES THE MATERIAL IN MORE DEPTH THAN OUR TEXTBOOK.  USE ACADEMIC SORCES / NO WIKIPEDIA. ch 19 quiz notes Regarding the chapter opening image by Jan Van Eyck.  The only thing we know for sure about the couple is that they are wealthy…Jan Van Eyck was a contemporary of Robert Campin.*characteristic of the international gothic style in the 14th century is a microscopic detail rendering of natural objects. *Since formal apprenticeships were not available to women at this time, we see a limited number of female artists in this chapter.  However, illuminated manuscripts were often created by female artists.*Martin Schongauer was also a painter

Unit 2 Discussion Board Question art

Frescos and murals are very popular public artforms, and most cities have a mural that incorporates its own unique regional history. In this unit, we discuss how artists make murals using fresco and other painting materials. Find a fresco or mural in your city or on the Internet, and compare and contrast these with the examples in the textbook. Please include an image of your chosen mural. Explain how you think this fresco or mural comparison exemplifies your choice.