1. The electrical installation of a shop with supply voltage of 380V, 3-phase is comprised with the following electrical loads:Single phase load:- 20 nos. of 36W fluorescent light fitting- 4 nos. of air-conditioner unit with full load current of 10A each- 3 nos. of 30A ring circuit using 13A socket outlets- 3 nos. of refrigerator with full load current of 15A eachThree phase load:- 2 nos. of cooking appliances with output power ratings of 8.2kW and 6.3kW respectively.- 2 nos. of 9kW instantaneous type water heaters.(a) Assuming that all of the above electrical loads are balanced across the 3-phase supply, determine the maximum current demand by applying suitable diversity factor as given in Table 7(1) of CoP.(b) Draw a schematic wiring diagram to show all the final circuit arrangement according to the accepted practice of the Code of Practice for this shop. Note: NO NEED to show the current rating of the protective devices and cable size of the final circuits in the schematic wiring diagram.